Republic artist James TW is out with a new, heart-wrenching tune that can relate to a lot of us.

I've never personally been through divorce and my parents are still married, so I don't really know what it's like to experience it firsthand. But I've known a lot of people growing up whose parents got divorced, and I know it wasn't an easy thing for them to deal with. But when James TW had an 11-year-old guitar student whose parents were getting a divorce, he wrote a song to teach the boy that would help explain divorce in a positive way that he would understand.

"I wrote 'When You Love Someone' because I wanted there to be a song that he could listen to which would make him feel better about everything that was going on," he says.

Since the song's debut, it's become a hit in the U.K. (where James TW is from) and Shawn Mendes personally picked him to open up his 2016 sold out world tour.

I played "When You Love Someone" for you on New Songs On the Block today and want to know what you think of it! Listen again and take the Bae-or-Nay poll below.