Ask anyone who's seen a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and there's a good chance that they'll tell you that it's the best concert venue they've ever been to.

Located just outside of the small town of Morrison, Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural amphitheatre that has been a staple of the state for many years.

However, even if you've seen 100 shows at Red Rocks, there are certain aspects of the venue that the general public may never get to see or experience but rather, only the crews employed by the venue and/or an artist booked to play there.

Keep scrolling to check out an amazing behind-the-scenes virtual tour of Red Rocks and what exactly goes into setting up for a concert.

What Goes into Setting Up a Concert at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre?

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The majority of man-made concert venues were built with the ease of setting up the stage in mind. However, because Red Rocks is a natural amphitheatre, it gets a little tricky.

For example, instead of an artist's many semi trucks simply backing up to the back door, at Red Rocks these trucks must be unloaded in a lower parking lot onto smaller trucks that can actually fit up the ramp.

Crews show up early in the morning on the day of a concert and begin plotting out the stage, setting up lights, and unloading trucks for the upcoming concert.

Setting up for a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is no simple task, as you'll see below in this rare look behind the scenes of the famous concert venue:

A Rare Look at How a Concert is Setup at Colorado’s Red Rocks

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