It was a very interesting weekend across Colorado. We hope your home is safe. There were over 100 MPH winds in parts of Northern Colorado and many of us are making repairs on our homes and cleaning up from the major storm.

Power Cut Off For Many in Northern Colorado

Due to the high winds power was shut off for 55,000 Northern Coloradans. Some report that their power is still off.

During the storm, there were two fires that broke out. Thankfully those fires have been contained.

Property Damaged Across Northern Colorado

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

I live in North Fort Collins. I woke up on Sunday morning believing that I was clear of damage. I looked to the side of my house and noticed my fence was completely ripped out of my yard. Additionally, my water spigot was damaged.

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Many homes in Northern Colorado were damaged as well.

Lori, who listens to our station, told us that the skylight at her home was completely sucked out.

Uprooted trees, outdoor furniture, and damaged homes were also shown on our Facebook post.

Some More Sights of the Wind in Northern Colorado


Here is a video of how severe the wind was. A truck driver miraculously made a recovery from a potentially dangerous situation.

I was driving from Denver to Fort Collins on Saturday night. Due to the high winds, I-25 from Wellington to the border was closed.

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