The AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain TV Network, which was the home of Colorado Rockies Baseball for many years, signed off after the 2023 season. How can Colorado Rockies fans watch the games now?

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How Can I Watch The Colorado Rockies Games On TV?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Colorado Rockies
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To some, springtime in Colorado means flowers, warmer weather, longer days, etc. But to some, it means one thing, baseball season. And while our Rockies have pretty much always been terrible, we love to watch them try.

Can you remember the last winning season for our poor Rockies? It's been a while.. And the 16-1 blowout loss in our first game of the 2024 season, there already seems to be little faith in the boys to pull it together.

While taking in a game at the amazing Coors Field is the preferred way to watch Rockies Baseball, sometimes you want to be able to have it on at the house or work, but without AT&T SportsNet / ROOT, what channel are they on?

Where Can I Watch The Colorado Rockies Games On TV?

For the 2024 season, the Colorado Rockies have announced the following ways to catch all of their home and away games live on TV.

DirecTV - Channel 683

Xfinity/Comcast - Channel 1262

Spectrum - Most of Colorado and Wyoming: 130 or 445

Fubo - Available

Fans in Colorado can also subscribe for Rockies TV starting at $20 a month

The Colorado Rockies Celebrate 30 Years At Coors Field In Downtown Denver

To many, the best way to watch Rockies Baseball is live and in person at Coors Field, which is celebrating its 30th year as the home of our beloved Rockies. The place still looks brand new, and the atmosphere truly makes the games, win or lose, much more enjoyable.

And a bonus, you get to hear the lovely love of Reed Saunders, who was our PA Announcer for the Colorado Eagles for 20 years before retiring last season. He's been the Rockies PA Announcer for over 15 years as well.

While I won't hold my breath on a World Series appearance, maybe, just maybe, we'll make it to the Post Season for the first time in forever... Go Rockies!

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