The Greeley Police Department is asking for help. GPD needs help identifying a man and woman suspected of major financial crimes that may have impacted you.

The two individuals are suspected of using credit card skimmers at multiple businesses in Greeley. Card skimming is a major issue in Colorado and the nation. In 2021, Americans lost over $30 billion due to credit card fraud.

Suspects in Greeley


The Greeley Police Department has released photos of the suspects hoping they will be identified. They reached out on their Facebook page to try to identify them.

The Greeley Police Department did not specify which stores businesses had the skimmers illegally placed.

About Credit Card Skimmers


Credit card skimmers are devices that are placed on card readers. When a victim swipes their card, the skimmer steals the card's information.

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Then the scammer makes purchases with your card.

I have had my credit card information stolen due to a credit card skimmer. I woke up one morning to realize that over $1,000 was taken out of my bank account.

Unfortunately for me, my bank never paid me back. Some banks and credit card companies reimburse credit card skimmer victims. I unfortunately did not receive any help.  Since then, I have set up protections to ensure it never happens again.

Photos of Greeley Suspects

Here is the Facebook post from the Greeley Police Department.

What Is Essential Right Now

If you can identify the suspects, contact the Fraud Specialist Robert Meisner at

If you have made any purchases in Greeley lately make sure to keep an eye on your bank account.

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