What is IV therapy?

It was a practice I was wary of at first, but admittedly, after a heavy afternoon of drinking, I realized I needed nutrients delivered to my system faster than just drinking a green juice, and fast is the name of the game when it comes to IV therapy at The DRIPBaRin Fort Collins that's opening April 13.

IV means intravenous, which means that the necessary nutrients you need are delivered straight into your veins. The DRIPBaR in Fort Collins at 2580 E. Harmony Road, Ste. 101, can help you here, whether you need a little post-hangover boost or you need to move forward on a stronger foot at the start of the week.

The DRIPBaR offers IV Lifestyle Drips, which are what I typically tend to request: these include treatments like Powerpack, which offer amazing antioxidants. There's also Shield, which helps to keep our immune system working properly!

According to their press release,

THE DRIPBaR provides 18 IV Lifestyle or Health Support drips, including the Jet Setter, Time Machine, Restoration, Flu Fighter and High C. For those who don't have time for a full IV vitamin infusion but are looking for the benefit, THE DRIPBaR can give your body a boost in just five minutes with one of its seven IM Quick Shots.

The DRIPBaR is also located near me in Fort Collins right off of Harmony, so I can stop by and get my vitamins whenever I need. You should, too, and especially now more than ever.

The DRIPBaR is offering opening weekend specials: 50% off your first appointment if you schedule right now for their opening day on April 13. Call 970-449-0050 to get your discount now!