I’ve seen this debate before but this year it has really stood out to me for some reason... IS using a stencil to carve your pumpkin cheating?

Now, you might be asking, how else could you do it? If that’s the case, you’re absolutely Team Stencil. Back when I was growing up, we’d use a butter knife (we weren’t fancy enough to own an actual knife set) or whatever sharp object we could find, cut the top off, make my poor dad scoop out all the pumpkin guys (yuck) and then carve simple triangle shapes to make the faces. We NEVER used stencils. Nowadays, that’s all kids seem to know. If you asked my teenage daughters to carve a pumpkin freestyle they’d have zero clue what I was talking about.

My wife took the kids to the Anderson Farms Pumpkin Patch on Monday and got some HUGE pumpkins. Today she printed off some different designs including Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, Mickey Mouse, and by special request from my 5-year-old, Ferdinand the Bull. By the way, I actually helped scoop the guts this year, and it came out pretty good if I say so myself.

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

My sister in Arizona is all aboard the freestyle pumpkin carving train and thinks using any stencils to make these elaborate pumpkin designs is completely cheating, but I LOVE how much more you can do with the different stencil designs.

What’s your rule in your house? Are you old school like my sister or are you into these fun stencil designs like my family?

Photo: Big Rob TSM

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