'Iron Man 3' may not have opened in the United States yet, but it's already a smash hit overseas, earning more money in its opening weekend than 'The Avengers' did. There's a reason why movie studios are starting to think internationally when it comes to their blockbusters -- people in other countries want to see these movies just as much as Americans and a successful international release can double or triple a domestic gross.

'Iron Man 3' made $195.3 million from forty two separate territories (roughly 79% of the filmgoing market), easily surpassing the $185 million international opening weekend of 2012's 'The Avengers.' Since Marvel's last movie ended up becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time, this bodes well for 'Iron Man 3,' which many people worried would be a disappointment for fans after the ensemble-driven 'Avengers.'

Naturally, 'Iron Man 3' was number one in every country it opened in, but it also shattered opening weekend and opening day records across the world, particularly in Asia. In most of the other countries, it had the highest opening of any Marvel movie to date. To get scientific about all of this: it's pretty nuts.

Although the box office doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the film (although the first reviews suggest that 'Iron Man 3' is very good), box office analysis is like tracking a talented athlete...and Tony Stark's third outing looks like its ready to win a few races.

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