Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi walked through specific scenes of the Marvel film in an interview with Insider. In particular, he focused on the scene that contained the chaotic, screaming goats and how it was inspired by none other than Taylor Swift.

In the MCU film, Thor is gifted two goats by King Yakan after Thor helps to fight off intruders. They later appear as chariot horses of sorts and in other action scenes. The goats, named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, sound a little... funny. But there's a reason for that.

"The goats were always going to be in there because they are in the comics, but we didn’t know how they would sound," Waititi shared.

Thankfully, he didn't have to look too far to figure out what they should sound like.

"Then someone in post-production found this meme of a Taylor Swift song that has screaming goats in it. I didn’t even know that existed. So I hear the screaming goats and I just felt it was awesome. A lot of people think it’s me screaming. It’s not," he shared.

Waititi elaborated on the inspiration Swift inadvertently had on the film, saying, "I think one of the vendors that was making the CG goats, they just added the Taylor Swift song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ but the fan-made one with the goat sounds, and we just thought it was so funny."

He concluded by saying the goats' screaming came out "freakin’ awesome" in the finished film.

The news comes as Swift's fans — affectionately called Swifties — await the next of her re-recorded albums.

Swift has not responded to this Thor-sized revelation as of yet. The "I Knew You Were Trouble (Screaming Goats Version)" referenced by Waititi can be found below:

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