Thompson School District alerted parents, students, and staff of Berthoud High School this morning (Sept. 23) that they would be enhancing officer presence for the day (Sept. 23) after receiving a report throughSafe2Tell of a violent social media threat.

Officers with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office immediately investigated the post in question once the tip came in. The district wants to assure parents, faculty, and students that the post was found to be not credible. They have assured safety for all attending school today.

However, as a precaution, they have decided to increase law enforcement around the school. They also performed a sweep of the campus before classes resumed their usual schedule.

Reportedly, students arrived at Berthoud High School while the security sweep was being done and had to wait in their cars before they could enter the school.

Even though officers will have a stronger presence for the day, the district has made it clear it is for students, visitors, and faculty to feel as safe as possible and that due diligence is being done.

For anyone who notices anything concerning or suspicious, Thompson School District has reminded everyone that it's a tool that is useful and anonymous.

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