Love really sucks. So if I'm not asked to join the season 21 cast of The Bachelor, I'm going to try out this website called

Okay not really, but this eHarmony parody video is pretty hilarious. It shows a fictional founder named Dr. Niel Bruce Walker (at least, I THINK he's fictional) and actor couples talking about how being single is so difficult that it's easier and more nerve-settling to just...settle, because at least you won't be single.

In case you didn't know, settling is a load of crap. I think a lot of us do it all too often, in all facets of life, be it love, career, friendship, or at the restaurant when the waiter brings us the wrong order (*sigh* I didn't order an extra large lasagna dog, but this looks good too).

Wait, lasagna dog?! I wish that was really a thing.

I'm going to the Bachelor casting call in Denver next Thursday, June 30, which is being held at the Hard Rock Cafe at the 16th Street Mall. (If you'd like to go, HERE are the details.) For years, I've been super active on Tinder and OkCupid; I'm sure if you're a single guy, you've probably seen me on there. Actually, you'd probably recognize me from my dating profile before recognizing me from the radio because that's how active I've been on these apps and sites. (That is SO sad!)

But for real, I truly want to find the love of my life and online dating has not worked for me so far. Maybe it will in the future - so I'm not totally giving up - but for now, I'm giving this Bachelor thing a try. Other couples have found love on the show, so maybe it will work for me. Maybe?!

Here is the video I posted a while ago in which I announced to you, my friends, and family members that I'm auditioning for The Bachelor.

What have your dating struggles been? How did you meet the love of your life? I'd love to hear from you via email or Twitter!

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