Ever hear an announcement over the loudspeaker in a Colorado Walmart and wonder what it is? We did some digging to educate you before your next visit. Some of these codes could save your life.

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What Do The Walmart Codes Mean?


Am I the only one who hears a code over the intercom in a store and wonders if something crazy is about to go down? Or did they maybe see me "testing" the grapes to make sure they aren't bad?

Whatever the case, for safety reasons, it's good to know some of their secret loudspeaker slang as those announcements aren't always meant just for the staff. Some are meant for customers and could help get you out of harm's way.

To help fellow moms and families safe while shopping, Common Cents Mom put together a list of the various codes to be listening for while at our local Colorado Walmart stores.

Colorado Walmart Intercom Codes

Common Sense Moms helped us break down these secret codes by showing us the four different code categories. They have general codes for general talks such as spills etc., customer service, sales & discounts, and the most important to be aware of, emergency codes.

While each code could contain numbers, letters, or some words, the most important to pay attention to are the colors as these are the serious of the intercom announcements.

Here's What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Hopefully, you'll never hear these codes announced at Walmart, but if you do, at least you'll know what they mean, and how you should act accordingly.

Gallery Credit: Bobby G.

Having shopped at Walmart for as long as I can remember, I've never known that something as simple as reacting to a color code on the loudspeaker could potentially save my life. It's certainly something I'll be paying much closer attention to moving forward.

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