I am sure we have all tried this in some way, but come on a pole? A boy in Oklahoma pretty much recreated the scene from "A Christmas Story". We all know what happened, a dare leads to another dare, then yet another dare, then the infamous scene where he sticks his tongue to a flag pole. Well, this kid in Oklahoma did exactly that. He stuck his tongue to a pole all because his brother dared him. The best part is he was stuck to a sign across the street from the middle school and in the morning, so you know a lot of his classmates had to see him. The paramedics were called and poured water on his tongue to free him. Were the parents or anybody there not smart enough to do that on their own? Isn't it common sense to pour warm water on it? All in all the boy is alright except for a bruised ego and a sore tongue. When the thought crosses your mind to do something stupid from a movie you should probably take a step back and think to yourself how could this possibly go right? If they dare you to do it just answer back with a triple dog dare.

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