Good to see Elsa is getting in shape just in time for her next movie...

Quite frankly, this video seems too good to be true. Like, it's simply perfect.

You have every ingredient you need for a hilarious, viral video. You have an insanely popular pop culture figure, who is known for her work with ice, being played by a man in full outfit. Seriously, what's not to love about this?

The guy's name is Jason Triplett, and he's a lawyer in Boston. We're not entirely sure yet as to why he's fully dressed up as Elsa from Frozen outside in the snow in front of a bar, but I guess the "why" here isn't all that important.

The video he's featured in has now went absolutely viral. In it, he's filmed literally pushing a Boston police wagon out of the snow, all while wearing the full costume without a hat or gloves or really anything other than what Elsa wears.

It's extra funny considering his dress keeps getting in the way as he tries to push.

You have to see this!



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