The other night I was intrigued about the new Naked Chicken Chalupa from Taco Bell. A taco shell made out of fried chicken? Sure! Why not try it out, right? While I was working out in the garage, the wife went down the road to pick up dinner and one of the Naked Chicken Chalupas were on the list... For the measure of getting a fix on my curiosity of course. About 10 minutes later she comes back with food in tow.

I present you the Naked Chicken Chalupa:

Matt Sparx

I was excited when I unwrapped the fried chicken shelled chalupa...

Matt Sparx

Pretty much it looks like a chicken sandwich without the bun, but what does it taste like? Well... That is when it all goes downhill at a fast pace. First, the fried chicken was pretty mushy, like an oven baked chicken nugget that has been sitting out for 15 minutes. Next is the filling. The thing is pretty much a lettuce taco with a couple of chunks of tomato on top, a few sprigs of cheese and what seemed to be warm sour cream. The best words that I can describe after the second bite is a teenage girl's favorite phrase "I CAN'T EVEN". I couldn't do it. I couldn't force myself to take another bite.

These things are probably good in theory. I am not sure if this was the specific Taco Bell I went to, but the execution of said fried chicken taco shell fell nothing short of soggy and flat on its face. I'll try anything once, but I won't try this again, ever.


Have you head one yet? If so, what did you think of the Naked Chicken Chalupa?