While spending my birthday weekend in Las Vegas, I came across something that reminded me of my hometown, Loveland, AND Paris. Both are known as cities for lovers, but to find the two melded together in Downtown Las Vegas, was not expected!

Freemont Night
Dave Jensen, TSM

Las Vegas is a great place to visit: the gambling, the booze, the bands, the people, and the fun!  I visited Sin City over my 50th birthday weekend and had a BLAST! We were staying on Fremont Street for the trip and we ventured over to the new development east of the Fremont Experience: Container Park. The area is pretty ‘hipster’: All the businesses exist in old cargo containers. They have restaurants, bars, a playground for the kids, boutique shopping, etc.

As you get to Container Park, boom! ‘Hey, that looks like one of those hearts in Loveland!’ Loveland has a program in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce- Loveland, the City with HeART. You’ll see these heart sculptures all over town. The one outside of Stan’s really catches your eyes.

Upon further inspection of this heart sculpture at Fremont and 7th in Downtown Las Vegas, I said ‘Well, hey! That’s like that bridge in Paris with all the locks! The Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris was famous for all the ‘love locks’ that tourists used to affix to it. In 2010, they announced that they were going to take all the locks down and prevent any more from being attached, ‘to preserve the architecture,' since the bridge now had additional 700,000 pounds of weight on it from the locks. Whoops. Don’t worry, if you do go to Paris, there are still places to put ‘love locks’, just not on this bridge. This heart on Fremont Street is their 'Love Locket' sculpture.

So, here you are, in Downtown Vegas, looking at a heart that could easily be in Loveland, with a touch of Paris!  I say Loveland is missing out on something here!  They should absolutely give this a shot!

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