The past couple weeks, I've felt ghosts grabbing me, hugging me, shutting doors, etc. in my own home, and it's really beginning to freak me out.

I've experienced paranormal activity off and on throughout my life. When I was little, I felt my feet being tickled in my sleep - while no one was in the room. When I asked my parents if they sneaked into my room to tickle me, they had no idea what I was talking about.

Last year after my dog, Buddy, passed away, not only could I feel his presence basking in the sun in the passenger seat of my car, but I also felt him crawl along the back of my calf while I was in bed a couple nights after his passing.

In recent months, I've had ghosts follow me home and wake me up when I kept hitting snooze on my alarm. One morning, I felt the presence of an elderly man observing me. Another morning, I felt the energy of a large dog laying next to me in bed and following me up and down the hallway of my home.

Most recently, while I was asleep, I felt something lay on top of my back. It felt so real that I honestly thought someone had broken into my home and was going to attack me. When I turned my head after a couple minutes of freaking out, the feeling vanished and I saw no one was there.

Call me crazy, I don't care. But I've heard many stories from others about ghostly encounters, so I know there has to be something to this.

I told my stories in a Facebook live stream last week, which you can play back above.

Have you ever seen, felt, or sensed a ghost before? I'd love to hear from you! Shoot me an email or connect on Twitter to tell me your story.

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