Discounted drinks for Parks & Rec workers this Thursday, July 19th. Crossing our fingers that Amy Pohler makes an appearance to the Human Bean in Northern Colorado this Thursday, July 19th for their $2 drink special for all Parks and Recreation Department workers! I bet they get jokes and references like that all the time, working in the Parks and Recreation Department though!

The Human Bean of Northern Colorado Thankful Thursday, is giving a big thank you and honoring the Parks & Rec departments of Northern Colorado. Bring your City ID and get a $2 drink to help this Thursday be that much better! There are some pretty amazing and gorgeous parks in Northern Colorado and all of that is thanks to the Parks & Rec department that work hard to make sure our cities look amazing and there are lots to do as well during the summer days!

The Human Bean in La Salle will also be honoring the Women 2 Women organization with a Guest Barista Day from the organization on July 19th. 10% of the proceeds will go to this amazing organization that helps women in Weld County who are in financial, housing, tuition, etc needs. Be sure to stop by to help them bring these needs to the women of Weld county.

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