Thankful Thursday is saying thank you to all the hard working construction workers!Traffic jams, cone zones, and preparing to stop are all the minor things that drivers deal with but, that doesn't compare to what the construction workers deal with. Risking scary situations and a dangerous work area every shift, construction workers make those extra lanes and smooth roads possible for us. One of the most summer activities complained about, actually does benefit us and the wear and tear on our vehicles.

This is why Human Bean's Thankful Thursday is dedicated to all of those that we need to slow down for. Thursday, April 19th, the local favorite coffee stop, is offering any drink for $2 to anyone in a hardhat or a company logo'd uniform. What a much welcomed break to all those that most likely need a pick-me-up to finish bettering our Northern Colorado roads and buildings. Be sure to tell anyone you know that works in construction to grab their $2 drink, this Thursday April 19th, at any Human Beanlocation.

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