After a nice warm weekend, people who either commute to Windsor from Greeley (like me), or live in Windsor and had to go to the east, got a rather rude awakening this Monday when most of the main roads into and out of Windsor were closed due to flooding

What is normally a 20 minute drive from Greeley to Windsor for me, took me about 45 minutes today. This is all because 257, the main road in and out of Windsor, and County Road 17 are both closed over the Poudre. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the time thing. It is going to take you a little extra time to get to and from Windsor, but there are a couple options to get into town.

Option #1: Highway 85 to Highway 392


Option #2: Highway 34 to I-25 to Highway 392

**This option goes over the Poudre River as well, and could close at any minute, but as of right now it is still open.**


Obviously there are other small country roads that will get the job done, but it is rather unclear as to which ones are open and which are not. These two routes are your two safest bets to not have to turn around.

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