If you're a Denver Broncos fan, you'll be excited to read this news — particularly if you hate the Raiders and the Chiefs.

According to a new study from Betway, the Broncos are the 11th most-loved team in the NFL, with a total following of 8,467,020 and an overall likeability score of 13.4% (this may not seem high, but the No. 1 team, the Chicago Bears, only has a score of 19.7%).

You may be wondering why "Da Bears" are in first place, but the most important thing is that, in terms of loveability, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs are behind the Broncos at No. 12 and No. 14, respectively.

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The study determined this by looking at each team's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok followers and how these followers feel about them (meaning teams with the most followers don't necessarily have the best likeability score).

Social media standings obviously don't mean everything, but hey — you now have evidence to justify your disdain for rival football teams (besides the fact that, you know, they're rivals).

Taking social media popularity in stride, the Broncos aren't the only beloved sports team in Colorado either.

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Another Betway study found that the Denver Nuggets are the sixth most-loved team in the NBA, with a total following of 5,618,580 and a likeability score of 15.5%. We didn't beat out the New York Knicks, but we did come ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers.

We'd call that a win. Plus, even though there isn't a study about the Colorado Avalanche, the team did just win the Stanley Cup — we'd say they're well-loved too.

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