Don't miss the balloons taking flight in Celebration of the Windsor Harvest Festival. Every year for over 100 years, Windsor has had Hot Air Balloons welcome the morning of their Harvest Festival and this year, they carry on that tradition. Every year, one Saturday Morning, you can see Hot Air Balloons fly over Windsor, Greeley, and East Northern Colorado. It'll make you smile and totally make your Saturday morning as well. You can see them take off and get up close to them before they take flight over Northern Colorado.

Windsor's Saturday and Sunday Flights At Sunrise event is free to the public and encourages everyone to come out and see how awesome it is when one of these balloons take flight into the morning sky! The event will take place Saturday, September 2nd at 7am and Sunday September 3rd at 9am. Their orientation for take off will be at Eastman Park in Windsor, 7025 Eastman Park Dr. Be sure to not forget the blankets though in case the mornings are a great crisp, cool Colorado morning!

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