Tubing is fun, but tubing under the stars sounds way more fun (no need for sunscreen). You don't have to be able to ski or ride to hit the slopes in Colorado, and these places let you slide down the hills...after dark.

Echo Mountain

Echo Mountain in Idaho Springs offers six lanes of tubing, with a conveyor lift (think the walkway at the airport) that brings you back up to the top of the hill, so you don't even have to hike back up. Echo is open Tuesday through Sunday until 9 p.m. Passes cost $26 per hour, and $10 for every additional hour; reservations required. Read more here.

Historic Fraser Tubing Hill

The Historic Faser Tubing Hill (near Winter Park) is open seven days a week, with tubing until 10 p.m. for $25 per hour, or $30 per 90 minutes. Read more here.

Her caption is not wrong, just saying. 

Colorado Adventure Park

Also near Winter Park, Colorado Adventure Park offers tubing until 9 p.m. every night, with s'mores, beer and spirits, conveyor lift and even free WiFi. $25 per hour or $38 for two hours. Read more here.

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