I just saw the video below on CNN about parent's punishing their kids via social media. I think it is a brilliant idea! So long as what mom or dad does as punishment is a fitting response to what the child did. I could easily see some parents going way overboard and creating much worse problems for their child by trying to teach them a lesson in such a public forum.

As I said before, I think this is a brilliant idea, but only if it is done correctly and done for the right reasons. If a parent is simply looking to get "revenge" or "payback" for something their kid did or said, this is a terrible idea. But kids (and parents alike) need to learn the lesson that things you post online can affect your actual life and that posting the wrong thing at the wrong time could create a lifetime of regret.

I would say if you try this tactic, to put a LOT of thought into it, run your idea by a few other parents, and sleep on it before you post anything. If you're trying to teach them to be responsible online, you'd better be setting a good example!

Cyber-bullying your own kids, not okay. Making your kids accountable for things they do online and teaching them the Internet has real-life implications without "ruining their lives", brilliant. At least, I think so. There is quite the debate online about such tactics though.

What's your take?

Here is another parent trying to teach their kid a lesson online. (Note: it has a lot of NSFW language, it's a dad reading his daughter's Facebook post "to her parents."

Bold move dad. Maybe a little too bold, but bold none-the-less.