Colorado has some very unique houses but this one is one of the most unique we've ever seen. The "Sleeper House" in Golden, Colorado, isn't just unique, it's also famous. Here's the full story on this incredible Colorado home. (Awesome pictures below)

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The Sleeper House In Colorado

It's not just an extremely cool-looking house, it's also a house of many names. Originally known as the "Sculpted House," this gorgeous and extremely unique home was built in 1963 on Colorado's Genesse Mountain. Ten years later it was used in the sci-fi comedy Woody Allen film, "Sleeper." Yes, that's where the "Sleeper House" nickname was born. It's also been called the "Spaceship House" as well. According to the home's official Wikipedia page, the home was designed by Charles Deaton, and although looked awesome on the outside "the interior of the Sculptured House went largely unfinished and was vacant for almost three decades." Probably why it was so easy to film the "Sleeper" there. Here are some really awesome pictures of this gorgeous home.





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The home has gone through various owners over the years, with the last know selling price of $1.5 Million dollars in 2010 so one can imagine how much something like this would be going for in 2022. At least double that, right? Could be a very cool BNB someday if the owner ever gets bored of living in such a gorgeous house with quite possibly the best view in the entire world. I'd stay there for sure, you?

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