Let it snow. Like, seriously, please, this is getting a little scary. If you're wondering where the flurries are (since it is like, almost December), this guy on TikTok has an explanation. 

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As of November 22, it's been 215 days without measurable snow in the Denver Metro area, which is going on our record. The latest snow on record in Denver was November 21, 1934, so we've officially passed that date.

Sure, we had a sort-of little snow here in Fort Collins last week that technically counted, but let's be real, it was a dusting and it was gone before 10 a.m. Considering the Front Range had its first snow in the first week of September last year, we're definitely like, OK something is up.

According to thponders on TikTok, he throws responsibility onto the oil and gas industry, which I'm sure some people are gonna have some, you know, thoughts about that...

The TikTok user explains that the last time this happened was in 1934. What was going on in 1934? He goes on to remind us about the Dust Bowl. Oh, right. That. Most of us haven't heard about the Dust Bowl since reading The Grapes of Wrath in high school (for me that was 2005), so here's a refresher: It was a decade-long drought caused by 'overcultivation and generally poor land management.'

Oop. Agree or disagree, you can see what he has to say in the TikTok, below.

@thpondersThe worst day of your life so far🙃 #nosnow#climatechange#oilandgasindustry#fyp♬ original sound - Ponders

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