Mark your calendars and start collecting your stuffed animals for one of the most heartwarming, awe-inspiring, and community bonding nights of hockey you will ever experience.

The Colorado Eagles, Townsquare Media, and Realities for Children have teamed up to create a night of incredible support for children in need in Northern Colorado. On Dec. 11 against the Condors, the Colorado Eagles will be hosting their annual Teddy Bear Toss game.

How The Toss Works

As soon as the first Colorado Eagles goal is scored, it's a free-for-all as new or gently used teddy bears are tossed onto the ice. Each bear will be collected in Pedersen Toyota trucks by volunteers, which will then be taken off the ice to dry off.

Realities for Children will be taking the lead on distributing all the bears to make sure they find their homes within Northern Colorado charities.

What If You Can't Make The Game?

If you are unable to attend the game - tickets are selling fast so get them while you can - there will be an additional drop-off location available prior to Dec. 11.

You will be able to drop your bears off at Townsquare Media at 600 Main Street in Windsor. Additionally, you will also be able to drop your stuffed animals off at the Budweiser Events Center prior to the game.

If you can't make the game but drop bears off at either of these alternative locations, you will be granted two tickets to an Eagles game on either Tuesday, Dec. 21, or Wednesday, Dec. 22!

What About The Clear Bag Policy At Budweiser Events Center?

For this game, the BEC will be allowing fans to bring in non-clear bags that are carrying stuffed animals.

In the past, people have shown up with literal trash bags full of teddy bears and stuffed animals. Because of the magnitude of the event, fans will be allowed to bring in those additional, large, non-clear bags full of stuffed animals.

Just be ready to have them checked when you walk in the doors! Large purses and other non-clear bags not carrying teddy bears will still be subject to the usual clear bag policy at the Budweiser Events Center.

There are a limited amount of tickets left for Teddy Bear Toss night, so get them online here while you can! You can also listen live to any Townsquare Media station as we will be giving away tickets to the game leading up to the big event!

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