Jeremy Usher is a former United States Navy Corpsman who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He returned home in 2003 to restless nights, terrifying nightmares, frequent panic attacks, depression and combat flashbacks. Due to the PTSD and war injuries Usher had also suffered from memory loss and a severe stutter.

Upon returning home Usher relied on alcohol to treat his severe depression which in turn led him to getting into trouble after receiving multiple DUI's. He received probation for his problems and is currently doing well in classes and counseling which help with the PTSD.

However, Usher now finds himself in even more legal battles due to his use of medical marijuana, which he says is the one thing that is helping treat his PTSD. However, the use of marijuana while on probation puts him at risk of going to jail.

“The court systems are very black and white, and PTSD is the definition of gray area, They’re not acknowledging the gray area.” said Usher.

He may face 29 days in jail due to his use of medical marijuana. He worries that the time in jail without medical marijuana he won't have someone their to wake him from nightmares and flashbacks. He also worries any progress he has made may "go out the window," and his treatment providers have the same worry.

Weld County Jail officials have stated the Usher will be assessed individually and his medication use will be evaluated.

District attorney Ken Buck stated that anyone breaking the rules of probation has to face consequences. “We’re trying to deal with those who have served their country and who have come back with injuries in a special way,” Buck said. Buck is also concerned that Usher is a war veteran and wants his offices to create a 'veteran diversion court.'

Jeremy also stated, “I want to raise enough awareness so that this doesn’t happen to guys coming out of there.”

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