Showing just how much the Greeley Police Department really does care about their community.The heart of the Greeley Police Department shown through last Saturday, when one of their officers went above and beyond to help a family in need. Not just providing helpful information for a family in need but actually making sure that the family was able to get the resources they were needing at that moment and not having to worry about how they were going to get dinner that night. Greeley Police Department Officer Bality went above and beyond to bring a family in need the food that they needed.

The Weld County Food Bank and GPD made sure that Officer Bality was not only thanked by them but was recognized for extra efforts and caring side for the community that he serves. When Officer Bality was on duty last Saturday, he served those in need like his profession has sworn to do, but he didn't just provide the help and resources that he normally does on shift. Instead he went above and beyond and took time out of his day to go get a family in need food that they needed. He saved the family not only from hunger but from having to use their own resources to go get what they needed and relived the stress that this family felt that day. Be sure to thank all those that keep us safe and serve our community when you see them!

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