Crabtree turns 10 but is still very young and full of excitement! Crabtree brewery is known around Northern Colorado for being one of the best breweries and creating some of the best beers. Their beers have won award after award and they celebrated in style. The 10 year anniversary remembered the past 10 years with some of the greats being brought back. Guests enjoyed the greatness of Ginger Beer,Twisted Creek Wheat and Jeff's Pale Ale.

They also commenced the event, with a large chalk board that everyone could write on about their favorite Crabtree beer and everyone got to leave with a 10 year anniversary edition beer glass. Owner, Jeff Crabtree, addressed the crowd and spoke on the past 10 years and how far he and his wife have come with their dream.

The support and love was shown by all the people that showed up to help them celebrate their 10 years so far and get excited for all the success and new beers they have yet to create for us. The love they feel from the Greeley community is the essence of supporting your local businesses and how you are a huge asset to their success.

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