A Greeley barbershop has reopened to the public following the end of Colorado's stay-at-home order.

According to Fox 31 Denver, The Bar.Ber.Shop is now operating under Weld County's safer-at-work guidelines, and served its first customer at 9 a.m. on Monday (April 27) since closing due to COVID-19.

The shop's owner, Jose Oregel, told the station that following these guidelines means disinfecting hair tools, the chair, and the cutting workspace between serving clients.

Because of this, customers should expect their haircuts to take up to an hour, as opposed to the original 30 minutes.

Oregel also hired a professional cleaning company to sanitize the shop twice before reopening, and said that its large size will allow customers to socially distance.

The station reports that he had a difficult time deciding whether or not to open this early, as he had received conflicting messages regarding whether reopening was okay or not.

Oregel claims that the Governor's Office told him he needed to wait to open back up until May 1.

However, he said that Weld County Commissioners, as well as the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), gave him the go-ahead to reopen on April 27.

Oregel noted that many members of the community are angry the shop decided to reopen, to which he responded: "If you are scared, I would recommend you just stay home."

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