It's like the wine and paint but for those under 18 years old! If you're from the ages of 12-18 and you love art, or like to paint, or even just wanted to attempt your hand at painting...this is a perfect opportunity for you! Taking the concept of wine and paint and turning into an event for those under the drinking age...Lincoln Park Library in Greeley is doing Cocoa and Paint! This Kid event is free and is a great opportunity to feed your creative side or to see just how talented you really can be.

Located at 1012 11th St Suite B in Greeley, Lincoln Park Library will be hosting the Canvas and Cocoa event Tuesday, January 16th, from 4pm to 6pm and will require that you sign up for the event. Good news though because there are still spots to get registered! The registration time frame will end midnight though of January 15th. Come paint a great Wintery scene and make a great gift for someone or a piece of art that you will keep forever!

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