Dog beer is a thing, and it's the most Colorado thing I've ever heard of in my whole life.

What do we love more than anything else in Colorado? The mountains, our dogs, and our craft beer. It was only a matter of time before this came along: it's called Good Boy Beer, featuring ales with hilarious names such as IPA Lot in the Yard and Crotch Sniffin' Ale. Amazing.

The creators of the beer, Megan and Steve Long, originally created the beer after trying several things to manage their rottweiler's diet and allergies. Their quest in making sure their fur baby was the healthiest he could be brought them towards brewing him a beer-- and now you can get it for your pup, too.

The brews are pork, chicken, veggie, and peanut based, so don't get worried about Fido getting wasted, here. As of right now, you can't find any cans at your local Colorado pub, but you can order some online and enjoy it with your dog in the backyard or on your next hiking trip. Grab your six-pack right here.

Finally, you can crack a cold one open with your dog-- which will just bring you two closer together. Cheers.

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