If you're looking for something fun and new to do with your boo, this shooting range & restaurant combo is a first of its kind in Colorado.

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Firing Range With Restaurant Now Open In Colorado

Even with so much to do in Colorado, finding stuff to do for date nights, or just a night out with the crew can be stressful to plan. If you're like me, you've likely done it all and are bored of the same old same. This new entertainment combo could be just what you needed though.

I've only been shooting at a firing range a handful of times in my life, and we always had a pretty good time but it just wasn't my jam. This new firing range and restaurant combo might get me back in the game though as it sounds like a cool date night or hangout spot with the boys.

The Gallery Sportsman Club and Range opened its doors this past week and people are living in the new combo where you can "shoot, shop, and socialize."

Located in Lakewood, Colo., the Gallery Sportsman Club and Range is the very first and only establishment in all of Colorado to offer a lounge and restaurant inside of a firing range.

In an interview with Denver 7, Gallery Sportsman Club and Range co-owner, Megan Hymanson said:

“When we realized that there were other concepts like this around the country, we thought Colorado would be the perfect place to bring something like this,”


You can eat, train, shoot, shop, and even grab a cup of coffee from their coffee bar. They do have protocols in place to prevent you from drinking and then shooting as that's obviously a bad combo, so be prepared to give them your ID before heading into the shooting range. After you are done, you can get it back and head into their awesome lounge to continue the fun with a cocktail or some tasty snacks.

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