In a time that there seems to be nothing but terrible news every day, a boy from Ft. Collins brings hope and reminding of the good out there. A local boy from Ft. Collins, at only 8 years old, knows the difference from right and wrong better than most adults do. He is getting recognized for his good deed as well by 9news.

After hearing about the Bridger Yett story from the Ft. Collins Police post, 9news spread the word about how awesome our local kids are. Bridger, after finding money in a parking lot didn't even skip a beat or think twice about what to do with the money. He wanted to turn it in and took it to the Ft. Collins PD. Even after being asked if he was sure, Bridger, stuck to his guns about turning in the money.

Its a small task from this incredible kid, but I feel it speaks volumes and comes at the right time. When we have been through multiple shootings, wars, threats, and violence that has plagued all of the media sources lately, even something so small brings hope and helps remember that they're are hearts of gold out there still.

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