A catfish falling from the sky is just not anything anyone would ever imagine happening to them, unless you're this former Fort Collins resident.

According to USA TODAY, now-Philadelphia resident Lisa Lobree was walking near Philly's art museum on Labor Day morning when she heard a "rustling" in the trees above her. That's when - wait for it - a 5-pound catfish fell down and hit her, leaving a cut on her face.

"I think it might have been head, face, and neck because I smelled so bad afterwards," she told CBS Philly. "I smelled disgusting."

As disgusting as the experience was for Lobree, however, she was still able to find the silver lining in this situation.

"What if it hit a child? It was not a fun experience, but there are so many worse things that could've happened," she said. "It's probably one of the strangest things that have happened to me in my life."

Witnesses say they spotted a bird, possibly an eagle or hawk, flying away. It had dropped the fish from about 50 feet high.

While Lobree lives in Philadelphia now, she was raised in Fort Collins where fishing was a popular activity of hers. Though, I think it's safe to say this will probably go down in history as her strangest catch ever.


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