The Fort Collins woman who says she is "now traumatized by a toilet" found a snake coming up from her porcelain throne. I think I would be too if I went to use the bathroom and a snake's head decided to pop out at me.

Miranda Stewart used the toilet and went to flush. except, the toilet didn't work how it should. Something seemed amiss and that is when the head of a corn snake popped up.

The incident occurred last Wednesday morning at the Varsity Apartments. Maintenance came to retrieve the snake out of the toilet. Wesley Sanford was the one to answer the call. Sanford had to disassemble the entire toilet and nearly 40 minutes to remove the four-foot-long snake.

It is possible that the snake was a pet that one of the tenants had and could have gotten into the toilet and slithered into Stewart's. A search for the owner of the snake came up empty-handed.

Thankfully, Sanford and his wife are snake lovers and opted to adopt the mischievous corn snake. They gave him the name of Boots. I am hoping they gave Boots a bath before officially welcoming him into his new home.

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Source: KDVR

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