A few Colorado venues landed on Rave Reviews' list of 'America's Best Music Cities (and Most Underrated Venues).' Aggie, Hodi's, Washington's? None of those, actually. 

There were 30 cities listed across the country, but at #26 (and just ahead of Denver), you will find Fort Collins. Our most underrated venue is one I admittedly haven't been to a full-fledged show at... yet. And, that's because it's fairly new, as a part of the recently-built Elizabeth Hotel.

The hotel lobby bar/lounge addition, Magic Rat Live Music (it scored 3.0 Tallboys), was named as the 'center of an underrated college music destination.' While that may be true, most of the other venues on the list are described as 'divey,' but I did mill through the Rat on a Friday night once, and it's no dive. It's a pretty swanky, classy place to soak in some live music.

By definition, 'underrated' means it's not getting the appreciation it deserves, but hey, at least it got recognized nationally. Definitely would be worth checking out, if even just for that awesome yellow couch, right?

Jenny Harding/TSM
Jenny Harding/TSM

You can see the full list of venues from Rave Reviews, and check out the other Colorado venues mentioned via BizWest.

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