Someone found the sweetest anniversary note in Fort Collins this week and wants to track down the owners… Awwwww!

We all love getting sweet letters or notes from our significant other, right? I know I do! My wife and I have gone through more sticky notes than I should probably admit to over the years. Reddit User “johntardis” was outside of Nuance Chocolate in Old Town Fort Collins over the weekend and found the sweetest love note from 2017!

As you can see from above, the note was written on the couple’s 2nd Anniversary and they were getting ready to take the trip of a lifetime to Rome, which sounds amazing! I don’t know what “johntardis” was thinking after he read this but to me, I wanna know about the trip! Was it the best thing ever? Are they still together? Married with Kids? Did they move to Rome?! Or, since the note was found, did Amanda even get this to Greg at all? Our Reddit friend is trying to track these two down to return the note, and I want to help! Do you know Amanda who’s been with Greg since 2015? Did they go to Rome 4 years ago? Is it THIS Amanda and Greg?!

After reading this sweet note from Amanda to her love, I want to know what happened next! If you know them, have them reach out! or on social @BigRobRadio

Have you ever been to Rome? I’ve only left the country one time, and that was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2005 before you needed a Passport. I guess I need to get that figured out! First, though, I’m off to go write my amazing wife a sweet note!

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