A popular wine and liquor store is now under new ownership after nearly 40 years. According to the Coloradoan, Pringle's Fine Wine and Spirits has been sold.

Photo by Pier Demarten on Unsplash
Photo by Pier Demarten on Unsplash

Phil Pringle has been operating the liquor store located at 2100 West Drake Road in Fort Collins for 39 years and has decided to retire. After 39 years, it is well deserved. Pringle told the Coloradoan that he started running a little wine shop in Denver located on Colfax in 1974 and has been "working solidly ever since".

Pringle has seen a lot of changes in Fort Collins when it came to the now-booming craft beer scene. Pringle reminisced on a phone call from a woman wanting to set an appointment to talk about a beer that she and her husband were brewing. The woman whose name is Kim Jordan, the co-founder of New Belgium Brewing Company.

Another run-in with a local brewer at an Oktoberfest located in the parking lot of the First National Bank in Fort Collins allowed Pringle to try a beer that only friends and family have tried. That beer was Cutthroat Porter and the man was Doug Odell, co-founder of Odell Brewing Company.

If you have ever been into Pringle's Fine Wine and Spirits, you would know that the store is all about wine. Thousands of bottles of wine from all over the world, available to you, right here in Fort Collins.

Pringle sold the store in mid-October to Shidhi Binayak LLC located in Aurora. Shidhi Binayak LLC owns another Fort Collins liquor store, Fabby's Wine and Spirits located on Timberline Road. According to the Coloradoan, the new owners of Pringle's Fine Wine and Spirits plan on running the store as it has been for the past 39 years. All the while retaining the store's staff and management.

Pringle told the Coloradoan that he will be enjoying retirement by planning a trip in March to central Oregon to fish for steelhead trout. Pringle said that he also has a lengthy list of projects that need tending to at his home.

Source: Coloradoan


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