Ak887 9mm Silver Airsoft Pellet GunAccording to the Coloradoan, Fort Collins High School was put on lockdown for about 25 minutes today because of a15-year-old boy with a gun.

Turns out it was just a gun that shoots plastic pellets.

The boy was reported at 2:35 p.m. to be walking in a field near the school and shooting the gun at the ground with no bullets. The school office was notified, and the school was put on lockdown.

The boy was found in the school with his gun and police are investigating according to the paper.

I have a feeling the school might get a lot of questions about this at back to school night tonight.

I am assuming the kid in question wasn't planning on anything too terrible with the gun, I mean pellet guns aren't made to do much damage.

However, I wonder what would posses a kid to bring anything like that to school. You take anything that even looks like a gun to school and people are going to freak out about it. Maybe that's what he wanted, who knows.

I'm just glad that this story didn't end up with Fort Collins getting face-time on CNN because of an incident of school violence.


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