Fort Collins Chief of Police Jeff Swoboda has commented on the ongoing violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Protests erupted in the city on Sunday (August 23) after police shot 29-year-old Black man Jacob Blake in the back.

"People here in Fort Collins, especially people of color, are watching the information unfold and feeling anger, fear, grief, and many other emotions," Swoboda said in a Facebook post about the incident. "Here at FCPS (Fort Collins Police Services), we welcome difficult conversations. We believe we can reach our shared goals by inviting and listening to stories, discussing concerns, and supporting mutual understanding and respect."

Swoboda noted that his words are not intended to change anyone's minds about the situation, but to inspire people to continue improving the Fort Collins community.

"We're better together and stronger united," he said. "Fort Collins, let's continue working together to create a safe, equitable community for everyone."

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