Iowa farmer and former Bachelor Chris Soules is suing a dating website for farmers using his persona for marketing without permission.

Soules, 34, who starred on the ABC show's 19th season, is seeking unspecified damages from

The website did not specifically use Soules' face in their marketing. It did, however, a blurred image of a cowboy in front of the Hollywood sign in a commercial and may have been referencing his failed relationship with Whitney Bischoff when they talked about a man on TV who picked a city girl, Soules believes.

Soules proposed to Bischoff at the end of the show, but they ended their engagement just 6 months later.

Soules, who remains a bachelor, claims the ad was describing him when they said, with the site's help, the farmer in question could land a country girl to better suit his lifestyle. has 2 million members. Its tagline reads, "City folks just don't get it."