Foothills Gateway, a non-profit that takes care of the needs of those with disabilities in Fort Collins and Larimer County could close their doors.

Non Profit Foothills Gateway in Jeopardy Jani Bryson ThinkStock
Non Profit Foothills Gateway in Jeopardy Jani Bryson ThinkStock

Since 1972, Foothills Gateway has improved the lives of thousands of people with cognitive disabilities and their families in Northern Colorado by helping to conquer challenges and achieve their maximum potential.  Foothills Gateway strives to empower every ability and highlight the achievements of the human spirit of all ages.

The Coloradoan is reporting that due to possible Federal changes, the center could dissolve.

Foothills Gateway serves 2,000 plus in Larimer County. Individuals with disabilities and their families have found comfort in the services provided through Foothills Gateway since 1972. The center provides direct services and case management.

The future is unclear for Foothills Gateway. All the steps have been taken to secure their standing but in lieu of a stronger set of guidelines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on centers like Foothills Gateway there are no immediate answers regarding the centers longevity. Even still the center's staff remains positive.

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