The NBA Champion Denver Nuggets have kicked off their 2023-24 season in a dominant way which has fans excited. Are they as enthusiastic about the new City Edition jersey though? Not so much...

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Denver Nuggets 2023-24 City Edition Jersey Reviel

Making their Denver debut in 1967 as the Denver Rockets, the "Nuggets" were born in 1976 and have been making Denver basketball magic ever since. I remember as a kid going to the old McNichols Arena to watch Nuggets games with my dad, and even though they weren't a real elite team back in the '80s and '90s, it was still fun to be a part of the live Nuggets action.

While they had some huge stars like Mutombo, the team didn't really turn the corner until 2003 when they drafted superstar Carmello Anthony. While Melo never got us the Championship we all hoped that he would, he did make the team truly relevant and competitive for the first time in the team's existence. These days though, it's a different #15 setting the tone and he helped us bring home our first NBA Championship last season. Now, to go with those sick championship rings, the Joker and company get to rock these new 2023-24 City Edition Jerseys. Check out the reveal video from the Nuggets... Why are fans hating on these so much?

Denver Nuggets Drop New City Edition Jersey. You've Gotta See These

While fans have had some interesting feedback, I like them! Here's a closer look.

What exactly are fans saying? Reading through the comments, you're hard-pressed to find many, if any, nice words regarding the design. Here are a few examples that you can see in the comment sections of the above Nuggets IG post:

"First L we took as an organization"


"You’re lying if you think these are tuff"


"I love my nuggets. I do not love these "


"I love my nuggets. I do not love these "


"Why do they torture us with this after we won the finals?"


"Nike is really disrespecting the champs with these"


"G league jerseys bruh"

In today's world, you just can't please everyone. And with outlets like social comment sections, the most negative people are typically the loudest. I've been a Nuggets fan my entire life, and have been on basketball cloud nine since they brought us home our very first NBA Championship, so to me, they could play in cut-off sweatpants and t-shirts with spray-painted numbers on them and I wouldn't care. Just keep bringing home the trophies. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're gonna sell a ton of them! What are your thoughts? Send us a message on our app and let us know. Go Nuggets! When angry about the new uni's, just think back to the greatest parade ever just a few short months ago...

Miss the Denver Nuggets Championship Parade? Here Are Some Pix

The 2023 NBA Championship Parade for our Denver Nuggets was absolutely spectacular. Firetrucks from all over Colorado loaded up with Nuggets players and staff and took over 17th Street in Downtown Denver. Here are some pix of the action that we caught at 17th and Wazee just outside of Union Station.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

Denver Nuggets Team Logos Over The Years

You'd probably have to be a "superfan" of the Denver Nuggets to know all of the team's primary logos that they've had.

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