Anyone who has lived in Colorado or spent a considerable amount of time in the state probably knows that not all of the stereotypes out-of-towners believe are true. Besides the obvious things like palm trees and humidity, Colorado has a little bit of everything.

Each of Colorado's famous (and not-so-famous) ski towns is unique in its own way, some towns are flat as a pancake and dry, others are way up in the mountains and experience harsh, snowy winters, and the list goes on.

Colorado's towns also vary in demographics from one end of the spectrum to the next. For example, Manitou Springs and Nederland are known for being mountainous hippie towns, while Manitou's closest neighbor, Colorado Springs, couldn't be more opposite.

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Each Colorado town has something unique about it, much like different vehicles have unique characteristics themselves.

We took the liberty of creating a fun, yet fairly accurate gallery of 17 of Colorado's most well-known towns and the cars that best represent them.

If 17 Colorado Towns Were Cars

Some of the picks for vehicles to coincide with Colorado towns are pretty obvious. For example, we've already established that Manitou Springs and Nederland are hippie towns, so they've been given hippie cars.

Boulder is environmentally conscious which is represented in the car below, while Pueblo is full of cool old cars that have been restored and often make it to numerous downtown car shows during the summer.

Naturally, the ritzy ski towns of Aspen, Vail, and Telluride get some fancy cars, while Rifle's vehicle has been sitting in the field for a while.


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