Colorado is full of really neat must-see hidden gems that most don't know about. One example is "Rainbow Falls" - ever been?

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Rainbow Falls In Colorado

The historic Rainbow Falls is a waterfall that can be found in Manito Springs, Colo., on Fountain Creek. Along with the Rainbow Falls name, a handful of people know it as "Graffiti Falls" because of all of the graffiti art that has been done on the walls around it.

Although, interestingly enough, there is a warning right on El Paso County's website warning people that spray painting is not allowed and violators will be ticketed. Some of the art is neat, but a lot of it is just people writing stuff on these beautiful rocks and it looks pretty trashy so that's probably why they're cracking down.

Some of the art does make it very colorful though.

As seen in the video, the historic Rainbow Falls features a gorgeous waterfall that is located beneath where the bridge for Highway 24 crosses the creek and looks just breathtaking. It has a parking area which makes it easy to visit the site, as well as a walkway that snakes around the river to walk around and explore. the pathway was added around 2013 so if you had been there prior, it's even cooler to see now.

Pictures Of Rainbow Falls

You can see why some call it graffiti falls after seeing the pictures above, which most have mixed feelings about for obvious reasons.

El Paso County has posted that Rainbow Falls Historic Site is currently delayed its opening to the 2022 season due to unsafe conditions with falling rocks. Hopefully, they have this cleared up so we can enjoy this gorgeous site this summer.

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