Evans police have arrested a man in connection with last week's double stabbing, according to the Greeley Tribune.

On the evening of Sunday, November 17, 38-year-old Tyson Kuder was attending a party at an apartment in Evans, when he was asked to leave because of his behavior towards two of the women there.

After Kuder left, he kept trying to get back into the apartment. When a woman went outside to check if he was gone, Kuder allegedly assaulted her.

Police were called to the apartment for a disturbance at around 10:30 p.m., and said that Kuder was able to force his way back into the apartment.

Kuder reportedly assaulted two of the tenants. One of the tenants then stabbed Kuder, and another 18-year-old LaSalle resident was also stabbed in the attack.

Kuder and the other stabbing victim were taken to North Colorado Medical Center. Both were later released from the hospital.

After his release, police arrested Kuder on various charges including burglary and assault.

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