A newborn elk calf was found injured and abandoned by its mother in Estes Park on Monday, but thanks to several kind humans, he's now on the path to recovery.

After someone first reported the baby elk in its injured state, police confirmed that it really was hurt and all alone, and then alerted Colorado Parks and Wildlife. From there, the calf was taken to Animal Hospital of the Rockies where x-rays were done and it was determined that the newborn bull’s front leg was fractured. The vet also noticed some bruises and scratches, leading her to think that the calf may have suffered some sort of trauma, possibly due to being hit by a vehicle. With more testing, it was discovered that the poor elk was dehydrated and had low blood sugar too. Staff not only administered fluids to raise his blood sugar back to normal, but also gave the little guy a name – Elliot the elk.

Dr. Marie Cenac, a veterinarian at Animal Hospital of the Rockies, is now working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife in hopes of them allowing her to rehabilitate the calf, so he can eventually be released back into the wild after being healed and weaned. Since Elliot hasn't been able to suckle from his own mother, Dr. Cenac has been tube feeding the young calf every three to four hours with a lamb's milk replacement, in order to give him a chance at life. She even slept at her veterinary office with Elliot all night long, and has already noticed a change in his behavior today, saying that he seems less lethargic and that his outlook is looking much brighter. Fortunately, Dr. Cenac thinks that Elliot's leg will heal heal up within four to five weeks, and hopes that in just a few months, he can rejoin the Estes Park herd.

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