Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson features the cutest video of the Shenanigans that happen when a 2 year old fan visits a film set.The Rock has been making news lately, not for his movies or wrestling, but for his true character in real life. He's been making headlines for how funny, charming, kind hearted, and adorable he really is. His instagram now features a video of a 2 year old fan visiting a film set and when she wanted to try pulling an airplane, The Rock made it happen. The video is a big bundle of cuteness that will make any female heart swoon.

It's awesome to see that celebrities aren't all completely jaded and that even little acts like this are what make them fantastic people, not just the work they do in the entertainment industry. I hope to see more of just how gigantic of a heart Dwayne Johnson really has. Keep up the good work! I'm definitely a bigger fan now.